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The Mickey Finns: Prayers and Idle Chatter

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Pretty much all the bands we feature here on Shite’n'Onions to quote the late great Phil Lynott have some Irish in ‘em (as he introduces “Emerald” on “Live and Dangerous”, Philo dedicates the song to anyone with some Irish in ‘em, and especially the girls who would like more Irish in ‘em). Well NYCs The Mickey Finns are probably the most Irish band we’ve ever featured in S’n'O – these guys kick up a storm of trad. rock that will keep both your snotty nose 15 year old DKM fan cousin and your drunken Clancy Brother loving uncle happy and begging for more. Sawdoctors, be afraid, very afraid.


It's Not the Whiskey - # 7!

'It's Not the Whiskey' is vintage Mickey Finns; full bore, passionate, edgy, and fun.  Ray Kelly, Brian Tracey, and Matt Mancuso have hit their stride with these eleven songs.  Ray's voice resonates- a storyteller, a storyteller lost in the story, hooking the audiences and taking them along for the ride- whether joyful, strident, full of love or full of lament. A great version of Black Velvet Band, perfectly suited to Kelly's edgy vocals, Paddy Lie Back, Ride On, and the title track are highlights. One of the best Celtic Rock CD's we have heard in recent memory.

The Mickey Finns are the BEST Celtic Rock trio in the world hands down, and their latest ‘It’s Not The Whiskey’ is a good representation of their talents. These masterful musicians within Ray Kelly’s gritty vocals and lyrical genius to Matt Mancuso’s perfect fiddle work and Brian Tracey’s powerful and spot on percussion…. this group sounds much larger than they are. I have seen these boys live just about everywhere and I have not been disappointed once! Whether they are at a pub, street fest, or amphitheater… The Mickey Finns will have you dancing, stomping your foot, and raising your pint and singing along to the power-packed energy they bring. If you enjoy the sounds of great Celtic Rock acts like Great Big Sea, Gaelic Storm, Scythian, The Prodigals, or even Spirit of the West… you will want to buy this release for sure!

"The Mickey Finns mix power chords, furious fiddling, and a driving beat to create a sound that is as sudsy and smooth as a pint of the black stuff! There's something on this disc for everyone: country, trad, and, oh yeah, relentless rock."