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The Mickey Finns: Prayers and Idle Chatter

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The Mickey Finns Will be releasing their new CD, "Prayers And Idle Chatter" in July.  Paddyrock Radio got an advance copy and wrote this glowing review!! 

I can not express this enough… The Mickey Finns are one the BEST Celtic Rock bands in the world!! Each and every release has been superb with masterful musicianship and song writing throughout, and with their latest release ‘Prayers and Idle Chatter’ I am once again blown away. The Mickey Finns are a Celt Rockin’ force to be dealt with and this release is chalk full of some solid songs like ‘Absinthe (Makes the Heart Grow Fonder)’ which will have you dancing and singing along, “McGuinness Mass” which is a great sing along waltz with pints held high… I just hope someone writes a song about me someday like this when I finally kick the bucket, “Sweet Clare Girl” a great little track that will have you dancing with you lovely Irish lass and singing along, “Dark Roll Down To Dawn” that will keep those legs a movin’ and every pub a Rockin’, “The Ballad Of Duffy’s Cut” a great story that had to be told about the strong Irish workers who worked hard and died making the main line on the Philadelphia railroad  and one of the best track ever written in Celtic music with one of my favorite song of all time in Paddy Rock with “Tanks & Barbed Wire”. ‘Prayers And Idle Chatter’ has everything you are looking for from an amazing Celtic Rock release… ballads, foot stompers, sing-alongs, and more all done by some of the best fiddle, percussion, and song-writing/singing. Two things you need to do in your lifetime… pick up this album… and go grab some pints and see The Mickey Finns live.

- John Bowles -